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The Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Under the guidance of a Steering Committee appointed by President Crutcher, the strategic planning process invites individuals from across our community to help affirm our mission, articulate our values, and develop a shared vision for the University around important themes that will inform our priorities in the years to come.Learn more

Class of 2020 the most academically accomplished and diverse in UR history

More than 10,400 students applied to be in Richmond's class of 2020, with more than 800 filling out the class. U.S. students of color make up 28 percent of the class — the eighth consecutive year in which more than 20 percent of Richmond’s student population will be students of color.

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The Richmond Guarantee

Every undergraduate student is eligible to receive a fellowship of up to $4,000 for a summer internship or faculty-mentored research project.Learn more

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The University of Richmond is a remarkable institution, combining excellence in undergraduate education with vibrant professional and continuing studies schools. There is an extraordinary foundation in place on which to continue to build boldly and imaginatively. Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher

Welcome Class of 2020