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Support for Students

This online resource provides a comprehensive guide to financial and other resources that undergraduate students can access if in need of support and assistance.Learn more

Institutional History Classes

Building on the work of students, faculty, and staff to better understand UR's institutional history, and at the Presidential Commission on University of History and Identity's recommendation, the Provost's Office is supporting a pilot faculty cohort on institutional history.Learn more
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Pilot multicultural space opens

After a successful pilot launch, President Crutcher has commited to finding a long-term home for the Multicultural Space.Learn more

"Knowledge of This Cannot Be Hidden": A Report on the Westham Burying Ground

The research report on the Westham Burying Ground has been completed and disseminated. The Burial Ground Memorialization Committee starting in January 2020, working to share research and listen to input from campus, community, and descendants on design for permanent memorial.Learn more about the report

Inclusive Excellence

At the University of Richmond, we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are inextricably linked to educational quality for our students. The health and vibrancy of our intellectual community depends on the rigorous and respectful exchange of different perspectives. In order to fulfill our mission to “educate students for lives of purpose, thoughtful inquiry, and responsible leadership in a diverse world,” we must work together to make Richmond a welcoming place for people from all backgrounds, identities, viewpoints, and experiences.

As a community, we are deeply engaged in the work of making excellence inclusive; identifying inequities in the experiences and outcomes of students, faculty, and staff in order to address them systematically and ensure all members of our community can fully participate in the life of the institution.

Recent Progress

In support of our institutional values and our commitment to creating a vibrant, intercultural community, and in response to student input following the January 2020 incidents on campus, the University has taken a number of actions to address our goals. We appreciate the work that has happened and is underway. We also know we have more much to do to create a diverse, inclusive, equitable campus where all can reach their full potential and thrive.

For more information on other actions underway across campus see the updated Making Excellence Inclusive draft work plan. This work plan will be updated quarterly to respond to emerging needs and priorities and to demonstrate our progress. (Some plans may be delayed by the interruption to University operations due to COVID-19.)

Selected Highlights: Fall 2020

  • The University is merging the offices of Common Ground and Multicultural Affairs to strengthen the reach, coordination, and impact of their programs and services for underrepresented students.
  • The Office of International Education (OIE) has reimagined its unit-wide efforts to support our international students, including dedicating an OIE staff member to address their unique needs and challenges.
  • Through reallocation of existing University budgets, providing $100,000 in new funding for student cultural organizations for 2020-2022
  • Recruitment underway for the inaugural President's Student Cabinet
  • Strengthening our faculty recruitment and hiring processes with progress on diversification this year
  • Expanding an ambitious inclusive pedagogy program for our talented faculty
  • Advancing research for the University and plans for memorializing a burial ground of enslaved people on campus
  • Declaring Juneteenth a university holiday
  • Using updated and clarified process for filing and handling student complaints generally with particular attention to bias-related complaints in academic settings

See the Making Excellence Inclusive 2020-21 Action Plan for our plans this year.

See the full progress report in the Making Excellence Inclusive March Draft Work Plan.