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University Statement on Inclusive Excellence

University of Richmond's Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Members of the University of Richmond community embrace the dignity, worth, and contributions of all individuals. We recognize that our diversity is among our greatest strengths, serving as a foundation for academic excellence that enriches our University community. Our shared values of student growth, the pursuit of knowledge, educational opportunity, diversity, equity, and inclusivity reflect our commitment to making Richmond’s transformative education accessible to students from all backgrounds; to promoting thoughtful, intellectually rigorous, and respectful engagement with a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives; and to fostering a diverse learning community in which all members reach their full potential. We acknowledge that all of us — faculty, staff, students, and University leadership — share responsibility for upholding, implementing, and embodying these values. And we commit to the pursuit of a vibrant, inclusive intercultural community that prepares students to lead "lives of purpose."