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Resources on Campus Free Speech and Free Expression

Free Speech on Campus
by Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman 
Yale University Press (2017) 

Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech
by Keith Whittington
Princeton University Press (2018)  

Free Speech on Campus
by Sigal R. Ben-Porath 
University of Pennsylvania Press (2017) 

Joint Statement on the Rights and Freedoms of Students
American Association of University Professors  

Hate: Why We Should Resist It With Free Speech, Not Censorship
by Nadine Strossen
Oxford University Press (2018)

Inclusion and Freedom of Expression Tools 
American Council on Education 
Publications and other resources for higher education leaders regarding free expression. 

The Contours of Free Expression on Campus: Free Speech, Academic Freedom, and Civility
Frederick M. Lawrence 
Published in the American Association of Colleges and Universities' Liberal Education (Spring 2017)  

PEN America Campus Free Speech Guide
Resources for faculty, students, and staff to learn about and consider free speech issues on campus.