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Making Excellence Inclusive

The University of Richmond strives to be a leader in higher education, preparing students to contribute to, and succeed in, a complex world; producing knowledge to address the world’s problems; and modeling the way that colleges and universities can effectively meet the challenges of our time. Enacting this vision means ensuring Richmond is a community that attracts and retains talented students, faculty, and staff with diverse life experiences and backgrounds. 

Though much has been done, much work remains to ensure we foster and sustain a community and a culture that enables its members to thrive. As such, the President convened several campus-wide committees, grounded in the outcomes of prior efforts, to identify the most significant needs and opportunities in our community and determine actions that will result in meaningful, sustained change. Making Excellence Inclusive: Report and Recommendationspublished in July 2019, summarizes our results and provides a work plan to guiding our shared efforts over the next three years.  

Sexual Assault Response & Prevention

The prevention of sexual misconduct, particularly sexual violence, is an institutional priority at the University of Richmond. The University is unwavering in its commitment to support survivors of sexual assault, to respond promptly to reports of any type of sexual misconduct, and to investigate and adjudicate reports in a manner that is fair and equitable to all parties involved. The University is also committed to continually assessing and improving its policies, prevention initiatives, and educational programs based on input from the campus community, best practices at other institutions, and regulatory guidance.

Through thoughtful engagement from students, staff, faculty, alumni, and parents, a clear consensus has emerged around specific initiatives that would be most valuable and effective for the University in addressing this important work. We will be taking up this work immediately and invite our community to continue to engage in this critical area.