Our Guiding Lights

In his inaugural address in April 2022, President Kevin F. Hallock identified five key areas of opportunity for the University of Richmond. With these priorities as guiding lights, UR is poised to build on its already remarkable strengths to become known as, unquestionably, the best small university in the world.

Academic Excellence

UR has a vibrant, engaging academic environment and a deep commitment to mentoring, teaching, and research. In the coming years, we will ensure an unparalleled academic experience. We will strive to recruit and retain world-class faculty, and cultivate an environment where they are able to mentor thoughtfully, teach innovatively, and pursue ambitious research. We will invest in academic areas that will advance our educational mission.


UR has come a long way in building a more diverse and inclusive community, yet we can and must do more to ensure that everyone feels they belong in our web. As part of this ongoing, important work, we will develop more effective ways to support students, staff and faculty from all backgrounds and ensure they can fully participate in academic and campus life. Belonging will be a hallmark of the Richmond experience.

Access and Affordability

Richmond is one of the few institutions in the nation that is need-blind in admission and meets full demonstrated need, in keeping with our commitment to making a superb education accessible to students from all backgrounds. Yet many families, including many in the middle-income range, encounter hardship to pay for education. UR will continue to be a leader in addressing affordability issues in higher education, for families of all backgrounds. We will strive to make a UR education more accessible and more affordable to more Spiders.


UR has a deep commitment to health and wellness. This is physically manifested in our state-of-the-art Well-Being Center and our extensive programs and services. We will continue to support the holistic development of our students and incorporate the many dimensions of well-being into academic and campus life. In the coming years, well-being will become a cornerstone of the UR campus experience, woven into the very fabric of the University. UR will become a global leader in well-being in higher education.

Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

Richmond Spiders engage — they connect with our local and global community and learn from their experiences and also strive to make a positive impact wherever they go. In the coming years, UR will ensure students gain wider knowledge and hands-on experience via partnerships within our dynamic, diverse city and region and around the world. Working with the private sector as well as civic and nonprofit communities, we will continue to explore how experiential learning and other kinds of engagement can benefit both the University and the greater community. We will provide meaningful, real-world opportunities for Spiders to learn from and engage with our local and global community.