A message from President Hallock

It is clear to me — from my countless conversations with our students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends — that the University of Richmond is an extraordinary institution. My goal is for it to be known as, unquestionably, the best small university in the world.

During my inaugural address in April 2022, I reflected upon what I learned from so many during my first year as the President of the University of Richmond and identified five areas of opportunity where we can focus to build an even brighter future:

Academic Excellence. How can we ensure we provide an unparalleled academic experience that is rooted in a liberal arts education with a robust, diverse set of offerings and is fueled by world-class mentoring, teaching, and research?

Belonging. How can we help all Spiders feel like they belong in our web and are able to fully participate in academic and campus life?

Access and Affordability. How can we make a Richmond education more accessible and more affordable to more Spiders?

Well-Being. How do we further support the holistic development of our Spider community? How can we incorporate dimensions of well-being into what we do at UR?

Experiential Learning and Community Engagement. How do we provide meaningful real-world opportunities for Spiders to learn from and engage with our local and global community?

I see these five areas as our guiding lights. Over the next several months, I will continue to spend time engaging in conversations with members of our Spider community and thinking about these guiding lights.

I invite you to think with me and one another and to share your ideas. What concrete actions can we take over the coming years to significantly advance in these areas? What would progress in these areas look like and feel like for UR?

I firmly believe that with strategic investments of time, effort, and resources in these areas, we can become known, unquestionably as the best small university in the world.

Our best days are ahead and I am looking forward to continuing to listen and learn from our Spider community and making progress together.


Kevin F. Hallock
President, University of Richmond