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President Ronald A. Crutcher

Chemical Biology and Cancer Research
Episode 3

Chemical Biology and Cancer Research

Julie Pollock, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Chemistry professor Julie Pollock is a chemical biologist who focuses on developing programs that advance public health and medical research. Her primary focus is on cancer. Specifically, understanding how cancer develops and progresses. Pollock prides herself on her work with undergraduates, who she involves in every aspect of her research.

Modern U.S. History and Civil Rights
Episode 2

Modern U.S. History and Civil Rights

Julian Hayter, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies

Professor Julian Hayter says today’s students often lack a deep knowledge of the history of the 20th century and the forces that came to define the American City during this time. He uses contemporary issues, such as civil rights and historical monuments, to help students better understand the forces that shape how politics truly operate.

Anti-Corruption Law and the Olympics
Episode 1

Anti-Corruption Law and the Olympics

Andy Spalding, Professor of Law

The Olympic Games provide a fascinating case study to how various countries address the reality of corruption. Professor Andy Spalding uses the games to help his students better understand the impact and role of anticorruption at the international level.

About the Series

The University of Richmond is known for its outstanding academic quality — where accomplished faculty of diverse fields, backgrounds, and perspectives can flourish and have a distinctive voice. Spider Talks is a video series that presents an informative dialogue between President Ronald A. Crutcher and faculty to discuss their passion for creating new knowledge through innovative teaching, impactful research, and collaborative academic experiences. Spider Talks is produced by University Communications and is delivered each month during the spring and fall academic semesters.