Fall 2021 Listening Sessions

The Naming Principles Commission held a series of listening sessions with members of the University community in October and November. Each session utilized a jamboard (a virtual flip chart) to capture sentiments that were shared during the discussions. The jamboards from each session are available to members of the University community via the links below.

During each session, two overarching questions were asked by the facilitator(s):

  • What is it that you want the Naming Principles Commission to know and to tell the Board regarding this issue?
  • Do you have examples of principles you propose/would like to see adopted?

Commission Co-Chair Christy Coleman, President Emeritus and University Professor Ed Ayers, and Visiting Lecturer and Public Historian Lauranett Lee served as facilitators for the listening sessions.

A summary of the themes from the listening sessions and written comments can be found here (login required).


Date Constituent Group
October 14 Alumni
October 18 Young Grads
October 19 Faculty
October 21 Staff
October 21 Faculty
October 22 Students - Student Government Presidents' Council
October 25 Staff - Direct Reports to the President's Cabinet
October 27 Faculty
October 27 Law Faculty and Staff
October 27 Students
October 28 Staff
October 28

SPCS Alumni and Students

October 29

Law Students

October 29

Students - Members of the Black Student Coalition (BSC)

November 5

Students - Members of the Black Student Alliance (BSA) and Members of NPHC Organizations

November 18


December 7