President's Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet comprises leaders of each major institutional division, and provides advice and counsel to the President, leveraging its collective knowledge and expertise to advance the University’s mission and vision.

Kevin F. Hallock
(804) 289-8100

Tom Addonizio
Vice President for Communications and Marketing
(804) 289-8778

Stephen D. Bisese
Vice President for Student Development
(804) 289-8615

Ann Lloyd Breeden
Vice President and Secretary
(804) 289-8732

Martha E. Callaghan
Vice President for Advancement
(804) 289-8052

Stephanie Dupaul
Vice President for Enrollment Management
(804) 287-6442

Dara Gocheski
Chief of Staff to the President
(804) 289-8088

David B. Hale
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
(804) 289-8150

John P. Hardt
Vice President and Director of Athletics
(804) 289-8363

Amy Howard
Senior Administrative Officer, Equity and Community
(804) 484-1600

Keith W. "Mac" McIntosh
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
(804) 289-8771

A. Joan Saab
Executive Vice President and Provost
(804) 289-8153

Lorraine G. Schuyler
Vice President for Planning and Policy
(804) 289-8781

Shannon E. Sinclair
Vice President and General Counsel
(804) 287-6683

Geraldine Sullivan
Chief Human Resources Officer
(804) 289-8747