About Tina Hallock

Headshot of Tina Hallock

Tina Hallock is a champion for the well-being of parents and families. She is deeply committed to strengthening understanding between parents and schools, identifying and helping find solutions for gaps in communities of care, and normalizing the conversation around mental health.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Tina worked as a teacher and human resources professional. Through parenting, she learned how difficult and isolating it can be for families whose children are struggling with their mental health. Since 2013, Tina has been a parenting peer, listening to parents, offering support, encouraging self-care, strengthening families, and encouraging family voice.

Tina is certified in teaching suicide prevention programs and provides training on Family Engagement, Family School Partnerships, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Self-Care, and Compassion Resilience for parents, teachers, and community leaders, always from a family perspective. To elevate these issues and make a broader impact, Tina co-created a podcast, “No Need to Explain with the Mental Health Mamas,” with a colleague and friend.

Tina grew up with Kevin Hallock in Hadley, Massachusetts. They have known one another since they were four years old, have been married for 32 years, and have two grown children, Emily and Tyler. Tina enjoys sunshine, gardening, needle crafts, walking, reading, and spending time with Kevin, their dogs Matilda and Mabel, their family, and friends.